Frequently asked questions

Heck yeah! All throwing will be supervised by one of our badass axeperts to make sure all proper precautions are set in place to ensure your have an axe kickin’ time! 

Of course! You will have one of our axeperts there to teach you some bullseye throwing skills and different techniques so you’ll have a axecellent time!

We are located at Ferg’s! You will find axe kickin’ excitement on the south patio.

Our address is 1320 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, FL 33705.

Sure is! All axe throwers must be 18 or older. SORRY (but not sorry).

 This axe kickin’ adventure is located outdoors so you can breath in the fresh air and take in some of that lovely vitamin D. Don’t worry, we still provide plenty of shade as the throwing area is covered.

Currently, we are throwin’ Tuesday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s & Sunday’s. If those days don’t work for you, or you have a large or corporate event, drop us a line with a date that works best for you and we will see what we can do!

April – September is when the super fantastic Ray’s will be back so we will be open even more! Stay tuned!

Yepperdoodle! We require you to book in advance. Even though Ferg’s Sports Bar is always open 7 days a week, we are not, so we will need to know when your party wants to start chuckin’ some axes around.


Yep! No if, ands or buts about it!

Sure thing! As long as they are 18 year or older and signed our waiver, you will have all the axe throwing privileges!

Hmmm, even though we are sure you have a pretty baller axe & we know how much you just want to show it off…our insurance dude says “Nahhh”.

MAX allowed on one lane are 8 people. If you have a big party that are wanting to throw it down, then we would suggest booking for 2 lanes! More time you have, the more each of you can throw!

Heck yeah, as long as there’s a seat! For safety reasons though, they are not allowed to be in the throwing area unless they sign our waiver. LUCKILY for you, they can cheer you on close by in our cheering section, separated by a fence…literally, you’ll see when you get here! If they are under 18, they can come and watch no problem, but must remain on the other side of the fence.

NOPE! Good thing for you, we do have fully functioning kitchen that offers all your hangry needs along with a full bar! You’re gonna need a little liquid courage to get your axe throwing down, so DRINK UP! Oh wait, what was that? “Oh, but we are having a party and I made a cake” – OK FINE, you can bring the cake, but thats it! 😉

Sure do! We partner with Ferg’s Sports Bar to handle all of your catering needs!

You are welcome to wear whatever you’d like, as long as it is comfortable and allows for good range of motion! We do suggest you to wear closed toed shoes and preferably a flannel of some sort (though not required, just bonus cool points). NO HIGH HEELS ALLOWED!

Not typically, we do book up pretty fast thanks to our super cool online booking section. If we have no shows, or cancellations then YES, we will take walk ups, but it’s pretty rare. So what we are trying to say here is, uhhh, BOOK NOW! 😉

o be honest, we are pretty cool! Give us a call, at least 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule you. If you call us 2 hours before your reservation and need to reschedule, sorry but no can do! You will lose your spot.

We’ve got it (usually). You can park in the Ferg’s east or south parking lots which are right near our area (it’s hard to miss, just look for the wannabe lumberjacks throwin’ some axes) Also, there is 2 hour parking on both Central Avenue and 1st Avenue South!

Feel free to arrive as early as you like! Gives you plenty of time to eat and grab a drink before you start! However we require you to get there a MINIMUM of 20 minutes before your start time. So for example, if you are booked at 6pm, be here by 5:40! We need to get you in to sign your waiver along with your party and to go over rules and precautions by one of our axeperts. If you’re not here on time, we can’t start your party on time! for example if we have to start at 6:20, your time is still done at 7pm, we do not extend hours for tardiness. SORRRRRYYYY, not sorry, be an adult and arrive on time 🙂

No, we do not. Reservations must be made in advance with credit card or gift card. However, our axperts accept cash tips!

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